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The EVO Advantage

The VapeXhale Cloud EVO™ is here. We designed the EVO™ from the ground up to produce the thickest, tastiest, and most potent vapor possible. How do we do this? Our team came up with the following three, revolutionary innovations.

Our patent pending PerpetuHeat system generates quick, consistent and non-eroding heat. Traditional vaporizers produce differing vapor density depending on your inhalation style. With the VapeXhale PerpetuHeat System, you always get thick and tasty vapor no matter if you have the lungs of an Olympic swimmer or those of an octogenarian. And we have both for customers so we ought to know. 

Our patent pending HydraTube technology utilizes glass with built in aerators to enhance the vapor experience by giving you superb flavor with no harshness or dryness.  While vapor is not nearly as harsh as smoke, the Cloud EVO™ produces such thick, dense vapor that could make the user cough.  The HydraTubes both diffuse and moisture condition the vapor so that you can inhale copious amounts of vapor with little to no discomfort.

The VapeXhale Cloud is the only vaporizer with an All Glass Vapor Path. So why is that important? And why should you care? Surely there are other materials that are more durable and easier to work with, right? Well you see, glass is completely non-reactive. This is why it is used in laboratory and clinical applications. And why we chose it to be the core of our vaporization technology. Because when we did our research, we heard time and time again that purity and taste of the vapor is of utmost importance. 

So there you have it. A HydraTube delivery system for cooling and diffusion. A heating element that does not suffer thermal degradation - that means your buddy who hits like a shop vac can use it. An all glass pass through for the ultimate in taste and purity. Sounds pretty great right? That’s because it is. Not to pat ourselves on the back or anything. OK, maybe a little bit.