VapexTube Instructions


As per our policy, please inspect your glass, as any glass damage must be reported within the first 24 hours of receiving it, and if it is not, we are no longer liable for the damages.

As with all things, moderation is important, so please start small and work your way up once you are familiar with utilizing your VapexTube.

Step 1 - Put your essential oil into the loading chamber, located approximately one third of the way up from the bottom. You can smear it against the inner lip if you are having a hard time removing it from your tool, or if it is more substantial, you can just drop it in by hand!

**WARNING: Do not load your essential oil from the top of the adapter! This will waste your essential oil as it will not be close enough to the heating element to reach proper extraction temperature.**

Step 2 - Place the VapexTube into your EVO just like a Flower Pod, and place your HydraTube on top of the EVO to stop any aroma from releasing into the air.

After approximately 10 seconds (this is why we recommend to start small and become familiar with the device), or when you begin to see the aromas rise, breathe in your desired amount and then remove the HydraTube.

Different essential oils may leave a residue in the chamber, so we recommend waiting 2 minutes before removing the VapexTube so that any residue can finish cooking off.

When removing your VapexTube, use utmost caution, as the glass is EXTREMELY HOT. Only hold and move the tube by the glass that does not go into the EVO itself (the glass bulb at the top of the unit and above).


Place the VapexTube on a non-conductive surface like our Accessory Deck, a glass jar, or any other container that will assist in dissipating heat. We recommend waiting 3-5 minutes before using your VapexTube again so as to prevent accidental burning.